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Bambari: General Zoundecko killed in Ippy following a bombing and its 300 elements on the run or hidden in the population …

This is the latest information we have at the time of this article. Indeed, according to reliable and generally reliable sources, the elements of the FPRC and the MPC, under the command of a certain Zoundecko, pompously called General, would have succeeded, early on the morning of Saturday, February 11, 2017 and after Very hard and hard fights with significant loss of human life on both sides, to take over the UN forces of the Mauritanian contingent in Ippy.
Having been forced to abandon the city to elements of the FPRC / MPC or strategically ordered to withdraw, UN forces would have positioned a little further 5 km away on the Ippy – Bambari axis. But some time later, helicopters and mirages or jaguars from Ndjamena or Libreville would go into action and would have made a real carnage. That of the dead, of the wounded and important material damage on the side of the invaders of the Selka! And it was during these air raids and bombardments that the famous general of straw called Zoundecko would have found death.
At the present time, in addition to the corpses that littered the city, the men’s jackpot would either have fled or been hidden among the population, to avoid raking operations that would have started since.
The same sources said that they saw in Bria, a few days ago, a certain Abdoulaye Hissène conveying pick-ups of Toyota Nissan, type 4 x 4 BJ 80, destined for Ippy and that, A meeting of the plan of attack of the town of Bambari would have gathered in Ndassimba the comzones of Bakala, Ippy and Ndassima. To be continued … ..!
Jean – Paul Naïba


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